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Centre for Epistemic Justice (CEJ) is a public interest consortium, formed through a collaboration of reputable academics and researchers from all over Africa, and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide a platform for African researchers to address the historical issues of knowledge and data justice through research in Sub Saharan Africa. 

We believe that a lack of knowledge justice is an avenue that is often exploited to promote sexism, racism, ageism, and other x-isms, that further entrench the marginalization of the minoritized groups. 

We therefore promote research methodologies, that are informed by African priorities and values, and complemented by global best practices, treating the African populations as sovereign people with legitimate claims to data and knowledge.


Our mission is to empower African researchers to address knowledge and data justice issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, using methodologies rooted in African values and global best practices, to combat exploitation and recognise the sovereignty of African populations.


Our vision is to achieve a just and equitable knowledge ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa, where research is driven by African priorities and values, and all populations are recognized as sovereign and legitimate claimants to data and knowledge.

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