At the Centre for Epistemic Justice, our partnerships with leading businesses drive impactful change in promoting equitable knowledge systems. Join us in this transformative journey towards justice and inclusivity.

Our Funding Patners

Collaborating Partners

Centre for Epistemic Justice is a member of the GRAIN network is involved in the project " Digitisation for Mama Mboga: does the engagement and inclusion of women in IA Agri-tech matter? The experience of women in the informal agricultural sector in Kenya."
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Techworker Community Africa

Techworker Community Africa (TCA) is a community focused on bridging technology, advocacy, and social impact. The organization aims to cultivate a robust tech industry in Africa by empowering, informing, and supporting tech workers.

Why Choose Us

Reasons for working with us

Qualified experts

Our team comprises highly qualified experts in AI Ethics and Environment, Data Science, Gender, and Agriculture.

Commitment to Epistemic Justice

We are committed to promoting epistemic justice by ensuring inclusive and equitable knowledge production, giving voice to marginalised communities, including youth and women.

Proven Track Record

Our collaborations with Africa’s AI and policy communities have successfully leveraged AI for societal and environmental good, driving impactful and sustainable change.

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